About Us

School Crest

Motto School Crest

Concordia cum veritate means harmony with truth. It also suggests peace, brotherhood, understanding, and truthfulness


The brilliant royal blue, silver grey and white of the crest are the colors of our school.

City Crest

Our Schol Crest is crowned by the crest of our city of Mount Pearl. No school is an island. We are all part of the greater community and one of the purposes of school is to prepare students to be active, contributing citizens of their future communities and world.

School Name

Below the city crest is the name of our school: Mount Pearl Senior High.


Below the school name, our crest shows a white bird symbolizing peace and harmony. It flies in harmony and union with the rising wave. Th waves and the sea have traditionally been a symbol of freedom and adventure. At the bottom left side of the crest is a burning flame which is the flame of enlightenment and understanding. On the bottom right is found the open book and stylus, represneting wisdom and knowledge, imagination and creativity. All symbols (ie: dove, wave, flame, book and stylus)are found within a circle representing not only motion and continuity, but also oneness and totality. Education never ends, it is a continuous process helping to shape the total person physically, mentally, socially and spirtually.


Finally, at the bottom of the crest, there is the birth-date (1986) of Mount Pearl Senior High.